What We Do

What We Do

We Build and Grow Profitable Weight Loss Practices

Clinic Marketing Group leverages the power of digital marketing to create a steady flow of potential new patients to practices. Weight loss involves repeat visits, and a scalable business model, so doctors can focus on what they do best, treating and guiding patients into optimum health.

At Clinic Marketing Group, our proven track record can be put to work to benefit your growing practice. We are known for getting great Google search results, with most of our clients dominating the listings in their local markets. And, because rankings aren’t enough, we’ll highlight your professional practice and success at helping weight loss patients across many platforms. Your practice will receive hundreds of new calls every month.

“We have taken practices with less than ten calls a month, to hundreds and even thousands of calls a month. This dramatic increase in new patient inquiries fundamentally changes the practice.”

We deliver more patient calls to your practice than you ever thought was possible. Focus on patient care and your growing practice, without worry. Anyone looking to lose weight will find you and call you, FIRST.

Establish a highly visible presence online

Clinic Marketing Group establishes a top ranking for your practice. We collect and publish positive reviews, produce video testimonials, and use creative content to inspire trust with a growing new audience.

We monitor, track and report on progress

We guarantee our efforts are designed to help you meet your business goals. And, we track progress and count new patient calls every month. We’ll even calculate the cost of each new patient, something the average marketing consultant won’t do. Our services can be easily scaled, so you can expand into a network of weight loss clinics whenever you’re ready.

We support staff with information and training

Unlike any other SEO marketing agency, we provide tons of staff support. We train your team on how to convert new patient calls into appointments and offer resources that make it easy to gather patient reviews.

Are you serious about growing your practice?

We Are Different

How We Are Different

“With Clinic Marketing Group You Get:

Successful Weight Loss Marketing

We are lead generation pros, knowledgeable about marketing in the medical weight loss field. We use only best practices for digital marketing, so your activity online will always be “Google approved,” and your practice ranked as significant and trustworthy.

“We deliver more weight loss patients to our clients than they have ever imagined or even believed possible.”

Proven Results

We have proof that we have delivered great results for our clients, so we have confidence in the value of what we offer. There’s no sales pitch, no constant calls to upsell or add services or additional fees.

We Are Real People

We are real people, running a business, just like you. We understand the challenges of growing a practice and developing a system for getting new clients. We’re here for you every step of the way.

With Other SEO & Internet Marketing Companies You Can Expect: Basic Online Marketing

Most Internet Marketing companies and SEO services are “good enough.” However, most struggle to deliver on their promises of new weight loss patients. Being at the top of search engine results is simply not enough in this highly competitive industry to increase profits.

Desperate SEO Practices

Most so-called experts selling SEO and marketing services are not able to get weight loss practices in the critical search results with Google. They don’t know how to get great rankings for their clients in this competitive market. The tactics they use are often questionable, and the results, if any, are short-lived.

Superficial Sales

Many marketing and SEO companies sell inexpensive and ineffective marketing services, like SEO, social media and video marketing. The level of services they offer are easy to provide, and it can seem like you are getting traction. But sadly, likes on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, constant Instagram photos or video views on YouTube won’t trigger new patient calls. It takes far more work than most marketing companies are willing to invest to generate real results.

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If you’ve struggled to build a medical weight loss practice, we can help. We’ll create a sustainable, online marketing strategy that will bring in hundreds of new patient calls every month.

Set aside the worry and focus on growing a thriving health practice instead.

To learn more about how to open a new weight loss clinic that is professional and profitable, contact Clinic Marketing Group for a free, no-obligation strategy session.