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New Patient Calls for Weight Loss Practices

Clinic Marketing Group won’t just change your approach to marketing; we change your entire practice. Our clients have gone from getting ten to hundreds, sometimes over a thousand new patient calls every month. Our online marketing program for medical weight loss transforms every medical weight loss practice we work with.

Experience a dramatic increase in new patient inquiries as CMG turns web traffic into first-time consultations, which turns into recurring patient visits, which grows with referral patients. This exponential growth model gives you the freedom to lead patients to better health and wellness without the hassle of medical insurance, unreliable patient volume, or having to moonlight as some kind of marketing expert.

We provide live exclusive calls from new patients who are interested in scheduling weight loss appointments.

The Benefits of Live Calls from New Patients

Many medical practices don’t believe they need marketing and that providing excellent medical care should be enough to grow a practice. We meet plenty of medical doctors who aren’t convinced that an online marketing strategy can be used to build a professional, profitable practice. However, our call reports demonstrate that the opposite is true.

The truth is 97% of people looking for services start that research ONLINE.

Clinic Marketing Group is a full-service group that handles ALL ASPECTS of digital marketing; everything needed to make a difference in your professionalism and profitability. The CMG program will increase your online presence, tailor a trustworthy reputation and review system, and track your success by counting all new patient calls. From an informative website to targeted content creation and distribution, we develop a comprehensive online effort that delivers real results.

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Stop paying for inexperienced marketers to generate meaningless traffic. Forget the countless hours trying to DIY a social media post that doesn’t raise a dime in new business. Rely on Clinic Marketing Group instead. We have a comprehensive strategy and the experience and metrics to produce real calls from qualified prospects. Change your practice and its profitability by filling out the Discovery Form.

Learn more about the services we provide for weight loss practices, including generating website traffic from potential new patients.

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Services Related to New Patient Calls

There is so much more to SEO and online marketing than most people understand, even the so-called marketing experts. Only a comprehensive plan, developed and managed by professionals, will generate new business. Clinic Marketing Group isn’t about posting on Facebook or tailoring your look on Instagram, although these tools can help.

Video Marketing

A secret weapon, the video testimonial/patient review video is king. Testimonial campaigns inspire hundreds of users who are also potential weight loss patients. YouTube is the second largest search engine, so by linking videos to FB, you’ll reach a broad audience. And, you’ll improve your ranking and get new patient calls.

Reputation Marketing

Facebook for weight loss physicians is unique. People tend not to trust medical practitioners in general, and false weight-loss claims are rampant. That’s two strikes. So, we help clients summarize and present a professional practice with positive patient reviews, which builds trust.

Social Media

Social media marketing for weight loss doctors is unique because people seeking these services fit a particular profile. By understanding what a potential weight loss patient thinks and feels, and the experiences that will lead them to act is what leads to new business.

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By joining Clinic Marketing Group and letting us build a full online presence for your practice, your business moves to a new level of professionalism and profitability. To find out if you qualify for a free online analysis and consultation call, fill out the Discovery Form below.


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