The Clinic Marketing Group helps doctors predictably grow their weight loss practices through the use of tested and proven marketing strategies. In this video Tim McGarvey discusses the details of this medical weight loss marketing case study.

We just released a new case study for a medical weight loss clinic. This is important for several reasons.

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1. We want you to see the results that this weight loss clinic experienced as a direct result of our marketing.

When I first met this doctor and learned about the weight loss clinic, they received about 15 calls a month. After we integrated these five marketing strategies, their monthly calls increased to 690 calls in a single month.

This is a very dramatic increase.

While many weight loss doctors and clinics have tried to grow their practices online, we have spoken to have not experienced results like this. It’s important to know that it is possible.

Online marketing can generate real results for weight loss clinics. When we talk about results, we are talking about direct, live calls from patients, saying, “I am a new patient, I would like to schedule an appointment.”

2. The second reason it is important to know about this case study right now is to understand how we got these results. The weight loss clinics we have worked with have received results when applying our five-part strategy. This includes reputation marketing, social media, free traffic, paid traffic, and social offers.

We did not get results by focusing on one thing, like Facebook or Instagram. We uniquely integrated all of these strategies.

3. The third reason why it is important right now to know about this case study is that we want to give you the opportunity to get these same types of results for your weight loss clinic.

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