Case Study 03

A medical doctor with a holistic approach had dedicated patients, but struggled with being profitable.

This doctor had a loyal following of patients who appreciated his blend of medical science and holistic treatments, there just wasn’t enough of them. Clinic Marketing Group created a scalable system which generated a consistent flow of new patients, and implemented tools to increase efficiencies, ensuring a practice that is professional and profitable.


Generate Steady Flow of New Patients
Establish Inbound Call Procedures
Build Industry Leading Reputation
Open Profitable Second Location

Call Volume Month 1

Peak Monthly Call Volume

Annual New Patient Revenue (EST.)


A medical practitioner who invests years of training in two medical disciplines, can hardly be expected to gain in-depth marketing expertise. Our initial conversation revealed a lot of gaps in this doctor’s understanding of social media versus digital marketing. No efforts had been made to find new patients, and there was intellectual skepticism about using the internet to build a more profitable practice. Clinic Marketing Group knew exactly where to start; the end. We helped the physician see what a truly professional and profitable practice would look like.

By guiding him into more clearly defining what was unique about his practice, and gifts as an intuitive healer, we followed up with an ambitious online presence to get that message out to as many people as possible.

How we solved it

Clinic Marketing Group launched a modest, personalized website, that would register with search engines for important key phrases. We then launched a monthly marketing plan that established this practice firmly in the local market, and built trust by publishing positive reviews from his loyal patient base. And finally, we developed a method for scaling new patient acquisitions to make it less expensive to get new patients as time went on.

This once skeptical practitioner is still struggling, but now the challenge is managing the steady increase in new patients calls and appointments. A great problem to have.

Magnetic Patient Reviews

This was an established practice with appointments every day. But, in New York City expenses are high which impacts profitability. What this doctor needed was an influx of new patients paying out-of-pocket for excellent care to fill his appointment book. Clinic Marketing Group tapped into the excellent doctor patient relationships this practitioner had and created a system for gathering enthusiastic reviews. These were syndicated strategically to be seen by the right audience. The doctor’s online reputation was now sterling, and the practice gained top listings as the number one integrated medicine practice in the New York City metropolitan area.

Engaging Social Media

Engaging a new audience for the practice and drawing them closer required an intense focus on getting the content right. This practitioner integrates medical science and prescription medications and natural, organic treatments when appropriate. Informative insights in traditional medicine blended with trends in holistic medicine in the articles, blog posts, and videos we created.

Accounts on social channels were opened and linked, and used to distribute this content to an audience who had been identified as interested in this approach to modern medicine. This tactic contributed to a significant rise in search engine rankings and led hundreds of new patients to call the practice every month.

Dominating Traffic Campaigns

Traffic campaigns open a direct line between our clients and their potential new customers, as social media sites allow us to put out special offers to entice potential new people to act, rather than just read. The search campaigns for this practitioner required expertise in keyword selection, after studying analytics and consumer behavior in his speciality.

We carefully and strategically used some paid traffic to increase reach, but only where it would make a difference. This comprehensive, yet cost effective approach to traffic generation delivered pre-qualified audiences to the web site, with a higher rate of people taking action and calling the practice.

Call Analytics

As with all clients, Clinic Marketing Group tracked two very important things for this practitioner, the number of new patient calls he received each month, and the effectiveness of his procedure for handling inbound calls and new patient visits. So often, professionals are unaware of what happens when their phone gets answered, or a new patient arrives at the front desk. This is neglectful. When you work as hard as we do to bring new patients into a practice, nothing is more disappointing than watching those new people fade away because of a bad customer experience.

Our virtual coaching sessions are challenging, no doubt. But, better to see and address small weaknesses in procedure than fail from a lack of profitability. This physician went from having a small, barely profitable practice, to managing a life-changing flow of 300 to 400 new patient calls a month. A success by all means.

Additional Case Studies

A physician goes from seeing a few patients one day a week to owning two thriving medical clinics.

When a physician contacted Clinic Marketing Group (CMG) several years ago, the situation was dire. He was seeing a few patients each week in a rented office. After listening to deceptive SEO salespeople and hiring an expensive branding agency, the practice was out tens of thousands, with no uptick in new patient calls.

*These results are not typical for most medical practices, and there is no guarantee that these results can be repeated for your medical practice. Most medical practices are not willing to adjust their in office procedures, properly train their staff, create offers, ask patients for reviews  or follow proven industry best marketing practices.

We have changed the names and details about the practices to protect the privacy of our clients. The annual number of new calls and the value of these new patients for each practice are estimated based on monthly calls from new patients. 

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